The Vegan Dog

This past summer my boyfriend and I adopted this adorable cutie from a rescue where she had been for the last four years. That’s a really long time for a dog to be in a shelter.

So we’ve been working on fulfilling this little gal’s life and trying to make up for lost time.


We’ve taken her camping, hiking, swimming, kayaking, to the beach, etc. We buy her all the latest toys and fashion accessories as well.

The one thing Ariel doesn’t get, is animal products. That’s right! She’s a 100% vegan dog.

Mike and I read tons and tons of articles and did lots of research about it. (some were published papers, some opinion pieces) and ultimately we decided that yes we were going to make Ariel a vegan doggie.

Sounds hard right? Doesn’t have to be! Here’s a list of vegan dog food products

(Not all of which have been tried by Ariel yet, but we’re working on it. She has had all the treats though.)

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Ariel: The Perfect Princess

So… I know I said I would be blogging a lot more.

And I have been posting a bit, but I’ve been so busy with our new DOG that i haven’t been writing as much. Or doing anything worth writing about.

Wait what?

Yes we adopted a dog!! Her name is Ariel. She’s a 7 yo brindle pit mix (part Am. Staff, part Rottie, part unknown).

I had been ‘eyeing’ her since her first post on Susie’s Senior Dogs on Instagram.

Mike and I weren’t in the business of adopting a dog, but we had discussed it casually before. My conditions were:

1. Must adopt – no breeder

2. Must be a dog that would normally have trouble finding a good home (pit bull, old dog, physical problems, etc.)

Ariel fits the bill in more ways than one! It took all of two seconds to convince Mike that we needed her as our dog. So after waiting much longer than normal (the cats we were fostering for a friend needed to go home first) we were finally able to adopt and pick up our sweet girl. You can read her pre-forever home story on the rescue’s website.

She is wonderful in so many ways. She likes low-medium exercise each day, she’s potty trained, she loves cuddling, she likes to please you, she trains well. Uh! I could go on.

Ariel is reactive towards other dogs. She seems pretty scared of them, but when you’re used for breeding and then abandoned to live in a shelter for four years I can’t imagine you’d be properly socialized. We’re working on it and while it’s not obvious we are making some progress.

Besides having an ‘only-dog’ really isn’t a huge challenge. We don’t take her to the off leash dog park and she doesn’t have doggie play dates. But other than that our lives are relatively normal dog-people lives.

She has been totally wonderful and I’m so thankful we have her. There are challenges – like the time she ate an entire pizza. But the rewards are tenfold.

Having Ariel has been a wonderful and time consuming part of my life for the last month or so and I absolutely love it!

You can follow Ariel’s new life with us on Instagram. She has her own account @arielthebrindle



I took an unplanned break from my hardly-off-the-ground blogging.

These past few months have been really difficult for me in many ways.


I broke my foot

I lost my dad to stroke

Select members of my dad’s family clearly had a mental breakdown and my sister and I got caught in the middle of it

My childhood home burnt down due to the renter’s negligence

My boyfriend broke his ankle

I lost my phone and had to buy a new one

Grad school got pretty hard

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