Summer Squash Bread

This was my first time ever growing my own vegetable garden all by my self. And honestly, I wasn’t expecting so much of it to be successful. I planted too much ofSONY DSC everything expecting most of it to die. Instead it all lived and it’s producing enough vegetables for a family of six, and it’s just Mike and I. Since I don’t want to waste any of it, I’ve been working hard developing easy recipes that use these vegetables in new and unique ways. Hey a girl can only eat so much grilled squash right? In particular I’ve been making things that can be frozen easily so that in a couple months when the garden is dead I can enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Horticulture Fact: Summer squash is a cultivar of cucurbita pepo. Huh? Yeah I know, It’s a species with cultivars so different that many of the sub-species have been mislabeled as other species. Things like pumpkin, winter squashes, and summer squashes are all cultivars from the same species of plant.

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Nice Cream

Nice Cream is one of my favorite guilt free snacks out there!
It’s incredibly easy to make and if you come prepared like me it doesn’t take very long to be snacking.
One of my favorite things about nice cream (besides its delicious taste) is how inexpensive it is. Processed vegan ice cream from the store can cost upwards of $6/pint. Two cups of ice cream costs $6!
But bananas are relatively cheap.
I’m going to break it down:
If you buy your bananas at Trader Joe’s they’re $0.19 each.
Three bananas are about a cup so to make 2 cups of nice cream would need six bananas.
6*$0.19 = $1.14 for two cups of plain nice cream. Can’t beat that price for yummy dessert.
Fact of the Day: Ben and Jerry’s is currently working on a dairy-free ice cream. And despite how delicious, inexpensive, and healthy nice cream is, I’ll likely still buy the B&Js when it comes out. Are they going to start offering dairy-free sample on the tours of their now? I would totally go visit if they did.