Vegan Eggplant Nooch

IMG_20150528_195233Eggplant Parm* was one of my favorite comfort foods growing up as a vegetarian. I’ve also found it’s one of those things that omni’s will eat willingly and without a second thought. Therefore Mike and I have attempted countless methods of preparing the cooking eggplant to get that perfect crispy bite.

We tried baking, we tried frying, we tried baking and then frying, we tried thin slices, we tried thick slices, we tried cubes, we dried different brands of breadcrumbs, different flours types and even different milk types.

Now Mike would not agree but below is my favorite method that we’ve come up with.

Eggplant Preparation Fact: Eggplant fruit can often have a bitter taste which is why the practice of salting of the eggplant comes from. Salting the eggplant also softens the flesh and reduced the amount of fats and oils absorbed during cooking.

Bonus Useless Personal Fact: There’s no valid reason for it but I really hate the skin of the eggplant. It’s totally edible and probably nutritious but I always skin an eggplant if I’m planning on consuming it.

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