Damn Philly, you so vegan it hurts.

We didn’t even come close to hitting all the major vegan spots in Philadelphia last month when we spent the weekend at PaxUnplugged #nerds

We def didn’t go anywhere or do anything cool except go to the convention center.

It was a whirlwind weekend but I did enjoy the small part of the city that I did see. I definitely plan to come back!.




Ok so where/ how to eat in Philly?

I got you, here’s what we ate:

(side note totes don’t judge us for getting like half our meals delivered to the hotel – we don’t have that luxury back home and we were pulling long days)

HipCityVeg –

This shit was bomb. It was so good. I definitely can’t wait to go back and just eat here again. It’s similar to byChloe if you’ve ever been to one of those. They’re got delicious burgers and fries with sriracha aioli. And the pumpkin spice milkshake was so basic and everything that I wanted. Mike and I both ate our food in a matter of minutes. There were zero regrets. The food wasn’t overly greasy which I liked and the salad was actually delicious.




BurgerFi –

I’ve never been to BurgerFi before and I was supper jealous when Beyond Meat announced that they would have a vegan burger there. (Beyond Meat is far and away my favorite store bought vegan burger)

We went here with Omni friends who can’t eat most vegan food (bc of allergies) so that was super useful.

We ordered the vegan beyond meat burger expecting it to come in the lettuce wrap, since we had heard that their regular bun is not vegan. And we kinda panicked when it came out in a bun. But it’s not their regular bun! It’s their whole wheat bun which they’ve confirmed IS vegan. whew. So a much better improvement to the lettuce wrap – unless you prefer that kind of thing, inn which case you’re just going to judge me for the rest of this post fyi.



Scoop DeVille –

This ice cream shop is this super quirky little place that was PACKED despite it being pretty cold out at 8 pm.

They’ve got a whole separate menu for weirdos (Dairy-free/GF/vegan) that marks out which items of theirs are vegan.

Then you can pick your base (I got the chocolate peanut butter – dairy free) and mix-ins. I mixed in strawberries and pretzels. They blend it all up and viola you’ve got a yummy ice cream treat.

Just be warned that not all their DF flavors are vegan so double check that you don’t order a DF flavor that still has animal products in it.


Reading Terminal Market : Nanee’s Kitchen

OK so the Reading Terminal Market stressed me out big time! It was super packed and I had no idea where to go or what I was looking for so when I saw the sign for Nanee’s kitchen that said “VEGAN” I too refuge in line and got myself some amazing Indian food. I was pleased to see that vegan items were clearly marked so it was easy to pick what I wanted. I got a chana and a dahl dish with rice and pita bread. I liked that this India food wasn’t creamy and heavy, I didn’t feel like I needed a long nap to recover after eating it. Both dishes were spicy and so rich in flavor.


V Street –

Is street food but in a bar. Everything is vegan, which I love. Their menu changes pretty frequently. The Dan Dan Noodles we scary spicy. Like quite possibly the spiciest thing I’ve ever eaten. the Pho was delishh and not spicy. The Farinate thing was super yummy and tasted mildly healthy too, which is always a plus in my book.



Ben and Jerry’s –

I know this is a super lame thing to travel somewhere and get, but the hotel room was ordering ice cream and there was a $15 minimum. So, I got a kiddie sized DF PB and Cookie. It tasted just like the store bought BJs PB and Cookie, except better because I was with friends and a guy on a bike brought it to me.



New Harmony Vegetarian Restaurant –

The food here was incredible! Truly it was so delicious and I would get everything all over again.

The restaurant was a bit shabby feeling so I’d probably order take out.

We got a bunch of dishes and shared between the two of us. And then had to take food home (thank goodness our hotel room had a mini fridge). And the food tasted AMAZING the following day when I ate it for lunch at work. I would have said it tasted even better the second day, probably because the flavors had time to mix and the rice got to absorb some of that. I’m not sure, but I highly recommend grabbing some take out in the evening and eating it for lunch the next day.



Anyways there are so mayn vegan restaurants in Philly that we just did not get to.


What’s your fav Philly restaurant? Where should we go the next time we visit?

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