Spinach Quiche – with Follow Your Heart Vegan Egg

Follow Your Heart Vegan Egg. So what? You make a mean tofu scramble. You can’t successfully flip omelettes anyways, and you’ve got bananas for any baking you might want to do.

But Quiche. Vegan quiche that’s yumm enough to bring to a brunch with omnis? This recipe is where it’s at yo.

Ditch the egg and still get your quiche on.

Vegan fact: 1 dozen chicken eggs = 6.6 miles driving in a car worth of GHG emissions.  (today’s fact is shamelessly stolen from followyourheart.com/veganegg)

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The Vegan Dog

This past summer my boyfriend and I adopted this adorable cutie from a rescue where she had been for the last four years. That’s a really long time for a dog to be in a shelter.

So we’ve been working on fulfilling this little gal’s life and trying to make up for lost time.


We’ve taken her camping, hiking, swimming, kayaking, to the beach, etc. We buy her all the latest toys and fashion accessories as well.

The one thing Ariel doesn’t get, is animal products. That’s right! She’s a 100% vegan dog.

Mike and I read tons and tons of articles and did lots of research about it. (some were published papers, some opinion pieces) and ultimately we decided that yes we were going to make Ariel a vegan doggie.

Sounds hard right? Doesn’t have to be! Here’s a list of vegan dog food products

(Not all of which have been tried by Ariel yet, but we’re working on it. She has had all the treats though.)

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